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Tuesday, 18 October 2016

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All I Need Is You - Mukund Verma Review

(Book Cover Source: Goodreads)
Hello Readers...

Before heading onto the review with my impressions on the book, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the author of this book "Mukund Verma" for providing a copy of this book via goodreads.

Here is a brief synopsis of this book to quickly get you acquainted with the story:

"Love...the only thing you find happiness in, when you fall in it. Sometimes you don't choose it, rather it chooses you...and when you are chosen, you know what love means, you understand what true happiness is. But you don't plan it...actually you can' just happens...sometimes knowingly and sometimes just by chance. The same thing happened with a small town boy Mohit and a high class girl Pihu. They had never seen each other yet they fell in love. They never touched each other yet they couldn't be separated. The bubbly girl not just only brought happiness in life of introvert boy Mohit, she taught him true meaning of love. But destiny had some other plans. Mohit faced the choice of either leaving her behind or leaving his life behind. What would he choose? Would Mohit forget his promises what he made to his bubbly girl or will he show the meaning of true love and will set an example?"

Like it is mention in the synopsis, this is a story of Mohit and Pihu. How they start interacting with each other due to one wrong call and how their relationship evolve from there. Many people will say that it is just like any other story available out there and there is nothing new which the novel brings. Yes, this book brings the same concept which you might find in numerous other books, but unique thing about this book is the way the theme is conceptualized and the way the story is narrated.

The narration of the author Mukund Verma in this book is top notch. The tone which he has used for narrating felt familiar to me. The tone which you might find while talking to your friends. This is a pretty small thing, but this thing touched my heart and I really liked this the most of all the aspects in the book. Mukund Verma will take you on a story right from the beginning and you will feel connected with this story till the end. The narration and the way the story is simply like a poetry in motion. Given the fact that this book is just 170 odd pages long, I found it difficult to keep this book down and manage to complete the book in one sitting.

The characters feels real and I immediately felt connected to them. Been writing this review a day after completing this book, the characters are still fresh in my mind and I still feel connected to the story.

The only complain I have, can't actually called this a complain is that towards the end of the story, there were many ways in which the author could have ended this book and the author choose the one which he had in his mind, leaving the other possibilities unexplored. So, this thing left me curious as to what happen after the end with both of them. Like I said, can't actually complain as this is how Mukund Verma has conceptualized the end to be.

Also one suggestion for those who are going to give this book a try, I'll suggest that you please don't keep any preconceived notions about this book and compare it with the other love stories out there and read this story without taking out logical inferences, that way you will be able to enjoy this beautiful story in a more better way.

So to sum up the review, this one is a beautiful love story of two people who shared beautiful journey of their relationship. This is a beautiful book and you should surely read if you love reading romance and love stories. To rate this book, I will give this book 4 stars out of 5. I will surely recommend this book to my friends and family members. Here are the link to the amazon from where you can get your copy of this book.

India: All I Need Is You by Mukund Verma

Outside India: All I Need Is You by Mukund Verma

So, this is what I feel after reading this book. Do let me know in the comment section what do you feel about the book. Guys if you like this review, hit the like button below and if you don't, do vote it down and mention the reason in the comment section below as it will help me to get better and do SUBSCRIBE to the blog to get all the reviews right into your mail box. Before taking you leave, I'll like to highlight a line from the synopsis which beautifully summarizes the entire theme of the book.

"Love...the only thing you find happiness in, when you fall in it.
Sometimes you don't choose it, rather it chooses you..."

So until next time, this is me Sushant signing off. You guys have a great day.



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