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Thursday, 2 March 2017

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Into My Heart - Kartikey Sehgal Review

(Book Cover Source: Goodreads)
Hello Readers...

Poems are piece of art which can express the beauty of life in just few lines. A single poem can teach and extremely important and valuable lesson which cannot be understood even after reading a long article....and that too in just few lines. That's the beauty of poems and the power which it has. The book which we are reviewing today is one such compilation of various poems. Before I start talking about the book....I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the author of this book Kartikey Sehgal for sending a copy of this book for review.

So let's quickly take a look and synopsis and start with the actual review:


The author takes twelve 'classical' love poems and relates them to our present day life.

Every chapter begins with a lovely classical love poem, and then the author connects it to our modern life.

Some lines from the book:

'What do we need? A place and time where what twitters is the bird, and we interpret it in a million words.'

'Those sighs make songs, they make poetry. And nothing is truer than that which comes from the fountain of soul.'

'And without poetry how will we consider the feelings of those luscious women who make daily efforts on their face and hair? Is is not a compliment to a woman's efforts to tell her poetically that she has 'Traced every lock with fond delays, And, doting, lingered there'?'


The beauty of the poems is that they are subjected to various interpretations. Two people may interpret the same poem in a different fashion based on the experiences they had. In this book, Kartikey Sehgal is trying to portray his interpretation of twelve classical poems and tries to link it to our modern day life style.

When I got this book and...I was pretty excited to start reading it. I actually loved the concept of relating the classical love poems with the modern interpretation of love. This is something...which the young generation people can easily relate to and would love reading. The concept of rekindling the classical romance is very much interesting and fascinating. At few places....Kartikey Sehgal has explained some of the poems in a really beautiful and simple fashion....which definitely caught me by surprise.

I must say that I did love some of his interpretations but I did't agree with each one of them. Can't actually complain much about this as those interpretations are very much subjective. Also in some interpretations...I felt like Kartikey Sehgal was trying to fit in the modern aspects forcibly...which actually affected my reading experience. I wish....Kartikey Sehgal could have been a bit more natural while expressing those views. more thing which I would like to see get better is the inter connectivity between two subsequent that will greatly improve the reading experience a lot. While moving from one poem to another...I felt like they lack connectivity....this thing takes away the effect and experience which the previous poem had on the readers mind.

It might appear as if I am bashing about the book....but the thing is I sincerely want to see this book get better in the next version as I genuinely feel this book can be a lot better as compared to its current state.

So to sum up, I was not very much impressed with this book...I did love the concept but it lack in the execution part. To rate this book, I would give it 1.5 stars out of 5. I am really skeptical as to recommend this book to any least not in its current state. Still, if you want to check this book are links to the Amazon for the same.

Amazon India: Into My Heart by Kartikey Sehgal

Amazon US: Into My Heart by Kartikey Sehgal

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So until next time....this is me Sushant signing off. You guys have a great day.