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Wednesday, 14 December 2016

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Colorful Notions - Mohit Goyal Review

Book Cover Source: Goodreads
Hello Readers...

If you are a person like me who likes to see new places and get engrossed in the scenic beauty of the nature often encountered while travelling, then you will be in delight as today we are reviewing Colorful Notions written by Mohit Goyal. Colorful Notions is a book where three young people go on a road trip across India and this book is a result of their encounters during their road trip.

Lets quickly go through the synopsis and jump straight to my impressions regarding the book.


Would you give up your high-paying job and comfortable personal life to drive ten thousand kilometers across India? Just for fun!

Three twenty-something dare to do just that! While the two guys take turns to drive, the girl gives voice-over as they record their entire journey on a handy-cam.

Ab, Sasha and Unnati are ordinary youngsters, rendered special by the feat they accomplish. As they recount their adventures, I crave to live their journey all the more. They look at each other with a glint in their eyes, as if refurbishing those memories, as they narrate their spooky time at Bhangarh Fort, strange escapades at Wagha Border and Sunderbans, car breakdowns, wild animals, near-death experience and highway robbers! It's nothing less than crazy.

I doubted if I'd ever have the gumption to create such experiences. So I did the next big thing - I penned a book about them, and their road trip.

Colorful Notions is a journey of three young hearts on the Indian terrain and into their inner recesses of their souls, giving a new perspective to relationships, love and life.


A big thanks to the author Mohit Goyal for providing a copy of this book via goodreads. I can't express the contentment I felt after completing this book. I was so used to reading the same type of books often and often that I badly wanted to read something different. Colorful Notions came as a savior. This book not only provided me with a much needed change but also inspired me to follow my passion.

Colorful Notions is a beautifully crafted and narrated book about the road trip which three young people take. This book gets everything correct which majority of the young people experience in the current time, right from defying our parents advice to hopping on to our own adventures. This book perfectly transcends the carefree nature of the youths and their passion towards their career. This book has everything which you can expect or rather I should say this book offers more than what you can expect from a travel book.

I just love all the three characters in the story. They are so simple yet they are very relatable to the youths of our generation. The best thing about the book is the narration which gives a very casual vibe synonymous to the casual nature of the current youths, While reading this book I felt like I am actually visiting all the places mentioned in the book. That kind of impact this book had on me. If you are never been on the road trip before then this book will surely motivate you to be on one.

In the present times it is often considered that the youths are ignorant towards the beauty of actual world and real relations whether it be with their parents, friends or their loved ones and they only care about their virtual presence and their virtual friends. However, that is not true at all. Yes, sometimes we do take relationships for granted but it is not like we are completely ignorant about them or we don't care at all. This book highlights that aspect very well. This book actually personifies the current youth with regards to their passion for their career and their relationships. Kudos to Mohit Goyal for writing such a fantastic book..

I liked this book because it feels much more relatable and the things mentioned in the book can happen in the actual world. However at two places, I felt like those things simply can't happen. The first one was when Abhay meets his mother and the second one was the interaction of Abhay and Shashank with the robbers. Yes I am nitpicking those incidents but I feel those things could have improved to give a much more realistic experience to the readers while reading these two incidents. However, I do like the way Mohit Goyal picked up the entire story immediately after these incidents and making the ending, my favorite part the most enjoyable part of the book.

So to sum up, I highly recommend this book to everyone and since the holiday season is coming up, this will be really a nice time to read this book and go on a vacation or a road trip with your friends or your loved ones. To rate this book, I would give this book 4.5 stars out of 5. I simply can't wait to get my hands on the next installment of the series. Here are the links to the Amazon where you can pick this beautiful book and have a really nice time.

Amazon India: Colorful Notions by Mohit Goyal

Amazon US: Colorful Notions by Mohit Goyal

So those are my impressions on Colorful Notions written by Mohit Goyal. Let me know what are your impressions on this book in the comment section below. If you have liked this post and want me to keep reviewing such good books then do hit the like button and share it among  your friends (You should always share good things with your friends :p). If you have gone on a trip somewhere where some memorable incidents happened just like in the book, then do share them in the comment section below. I would love to read them and don't forget to SUBSCRIBE to the blog to get all the new content right into your mail box.

So until next time, this is me SUSHANT signing off. You guys have a great day.



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