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Thursday, 16 February 2017

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Use The Force - Joshua P.Warren Review

(Book Cover Source: Goodreads)
Hello Readers...

Ever wanted to read a book which could teach you how to get anything you want....then stay with me till the end of the post as this might be the book you want. But before beginning with the actual review I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Anna Poulimas from Beacon Publishing Group for providing a copy of this book for the review.

Let's quickly take a look at  the synopsis and start with the actual review:


Ever since Star Wars first appeared on the silver screen, people have fantasized about being able to use the Force. But anyone -- not just Jedi's -- can tap into its capabilities by using the Law of Attraction to harness the incredible power of the universe. Author Joshua P.Warren guides you through the lessons of legendary Jedi Masters to reveal how Jedi science encompasses the Law of Attraction and how can you draw on the universe's energy to achieve your dreams. Each thought-provoking exercise shows you how to utilize this power to manifest your deepest desires and attract the life you have always wanted. You'll also learn how to train your mind to hone in on your intention; enhance your connection to the universe; and ensure that your actions, words, and thoughts are in harmony with accomplishing you goals.

Do you want to break the negative energies holding you back from success?
Do you want to wake up each day excited and full of energy?
Do you want to use the real Jedi mind trick on others?
Do you want to channel the very power that binds the universe?
Do you want to truly create wealth  and peace of mind of your life?

Complete with enlightening quotes from the series, Use the Force will help you master important Jedi teachings through the Law of Attraction and make every wish a reality.

The reason why I picked this book was....1) It was a non-fiction book...2) It was based on Law of Attraction...3) It has given references from Star Wars series. I always prefer reading non-fiction books over fiction as those books are more meaningful and relatable as compared to the fiction books. Also this book is highlighting the concept of Law of Attraction and that too giving reference to Star Wars series. So if you are a person who loves Star Wars then it is quite natural that you will be tempt to pick this book up and start reading it....the same thing happen with me.

Also this book is highlighting the concept of Law of Attraction and how to use it to get anything you want just by using our inner Force to complete any activity or to get anything you want. I have to say that I am not a big follower of the concept of Law Of Attraction and I personally feel that many people are using this concept in a wrong way and the earlier books which I have read often portray that concept in  a wrong way. With regards to this book....there are few things which I personally don't agree upon. But yes there are few important aspects in this book which I loved and I would personally like to implement those in my own life. So if you are looking to read this book...then have an open mind and let the concepts sink in....that way you could enjoy this book in a better way.

Also Joshua P.Warren has written this book in a extremely simple fashion that would let you understand this book in a better way. The author has also kept a slow and steady pace while bringing new concepts so that while reading you don't feel  that a new concept is brought in early or is rushed upon and allows the content of the previous chapter to sink in before introduction of new concpets. Kudos to Joshua P.Warren for that.

And the best part of the book....the Star Wars analogies. Who doesn't love Star Wars??...I loved the way Joshua P.Warren has explain the slightly difficult concepts by giving reference to Star Wars....that way readers can easily relate those concepts with their own lives. Those analogies explain not only the concepts into the book but also helps the person to understand the Star Wars series in a better way.

So to sum up, if you are a person who believes in Law of Attraction principle or would like to know about that then you might like this book. Also if you are person who loves Star Wars series which I am sure majority of you will be....then you can have a look at this book. For me personally, I don't agree with all the things mention in the book but yes I did enjoy those references and analogies. To rate this book, I would give this book 4 stars out of 5. In case you are looking to buy this book, here are links to Amazon from where you can get the book.

Amazon India: Use The Force by Joshua P.Warren

Amazon US: Use The Force by Joshua P.Warren

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So until next time, this is me Sushant  signing off. You guys have a great day.



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